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True Business Gains

The ‘side effects’ of an Enelect system have real value. However, rather than justifying the system purchase that way, we use the much simpler method of calculating the electricity bill savings from our work, and then basing all of our financial justifications only on those savings. This does not mean that you should focus only on the electricity bill savings. It just means that the electricity cost numbers are the easiest to acquire and to predict.


Sometimes our customers have technical staff or management who are concerned that our electrical work will cause problems, not improvements… that the work will have hidden costs. The main fear, in industrial and other facilities, is that our work will increase the risk to lost production by causing electrical system created downtime.


What Enelect does is to use our skills to dramatically improve the operating efficiency of your business’s electrical system, to reduce the costs you face to maintenance, repair and replacement of the equipment, to lower your cost of lighting maintenance, to increase the reliability of your production processes, to reduce your downtime, and to balance and tune your entire building’s electrical performance. An interesting side benefit of all this work is that the electricity bills our clients receive go down… often by as much as five to fifteen percent (5-15%), or even more.


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Entire Facility Analysis

Nothing Unnoticed

Enelect addresses an entire facility in one project. Our work is unique, and builds upon whatever pre-existing work that has already been implemented in your facility. Because we focus on making corrections in the electrical system itself, it does not matter what equipment or lighting loads you are operating, or even if those loads may already have existing energy management devices installed that cycle their operation. Our work can be overlaid on any of this pre-existing work and still gain full savings.


In our survey, we will use the nameplate data from individual pieces of equipment to help determine the electrical loading and the type of that loading in various building branch circuits. However, we may also take electrical measurements, perform infrared system inspection, as well as gather information about the layout of the electrical system itself and the various electrical panels and transformers. All of this information is used to determine the recommendations within a specific project proposal.


It is important to understand this distinction, that our work is not aimed at the individual loads in your buildings, and in fact has nothing to do with the operation or reliability of those loads. Motor and equipment loads receive the same or improved voltage, waveform, and current supply after our work as they did before our work.


Our Technology Approach

Solutions That Work

The Enelect system is a truly unique opportunity for a business owner or manager to enjoy better operations and lowered electricity costs, all from a one-time project that completely pays for itself from savings, and is fully guaranteed.


First, this system is a unique financial proposition. We presume to go into an existing business, to find and implement many different points where electrical efficiency can be improved, and to then accept responsibility for our work… even arranging a third party insured savings program for all of our projects.


Secondly, our work does not require you to make any changes in the way you operate your business. No employee training or involvement is needed. No cycling of your equipment. No negative impact on your operations or production. The system is an ‘invisible’ way to lower your electricity costs.


Thirdly, our focus on reducing the load on the entire electrical system and on performing indicated electrical system improvements assures that everything in your facility will operate better when we leave. Your facility will see less maintenance, less repair and replacement, less downtime, and improved production time. All of these are benefits of Enelect’s work.

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