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Our Approach to Electrical Efficiency

10 Steps to Savings

The Path to Electrical Savings is our step-by-step approach to project management. This set of procedures permits us to move forward with all the data we require for our work, to always be able to provide solid information for our client’s decision making process, and to never have a client at risk. This ‘path’ is the blueprint for action that will be guiding your Enelect system representative through their relationship with you.


1. Initial Contact: We Fully Explain Our Program

We do not waste your time with an onslaught of general sales hype. Actually, at this point, we have not looked at your building, and have no real idea whether we can save you a dime on your electricity costs. What we will do is provide you with as much information about our company as you require such that you feel comfortable in dealing with us.


There is no fee of any kind required at this stage, as our goal is merely to introduce ourselves and our program, and to secure your permission to have the person you most trust to understand your facility’s electrical system guide one of our representatives through your building to perform the required electrical inspection. The goal of that walkthrough inspection is to gather the basic data we need to develop a firm estimate of the savings potential for any eventually resulting project that we recommend to you.


2. We Perform A Walkthrough Inspection Of Your Facility

The field representative will have a comprehensive set of questions that will need to be answered about your electrical system, your equipment operations, your electrical billing issues and history, and about any power quality and electrical maintenance challenges you have had to face. They will gather this data, prepare a comprehensive report, and submit the needed information to the Enelect central staff for review.


Oftentimes, depending upon the complexity of your business, the data can be immediately keyed into a project estimation software application for generating accurate projections of savings. Sometimes, we will identify unusual electrical conditions or equipment that cannot be reliably evaluated from simple observation; if so, we might perform any number of indicated electrical tests to add to the other data we gather during our walkthrough inspection.


3. We Prepare A Conditional Agreement For Services

To this point, you have paid no money for the work that we have performed. We have done the work required to assemble a reliable overview of your facility and to guide us in estimating the available electrical savings from further work in your business. We also now have the information we need to make a conservative estimate of the financial savings you might receive from any additional work we would perform.


We now provide you with a written statement of these conclusions, and we guarantee being able to move forward and meet that target number, savings percentage, or refund you the audit fees for the cost of our work.


We believe a request for payment must always be accompanied by a guarantee of results, and a clear statement of just what results are to be expected. So, at this point, we will tell you what we will commit to being able to save you on your electric power costs, and what we must charge you for the engineering work to finalize the list of electrical system improvements needed to create those savings.


If you hire us to move forward with the required electrical testing, distribution system inspection, and site operations data gathering, we guarantee you that we will meet or exceed the stated savings percentage, or we will simply refund the fee you pay for our work.


4. We Fully Report The Results Of Our Evaluation

In addition to giving you guaranteed project targets for savings, we will give you a verbal report of our findings from the initial walkthrough inspection and any additional investigative work that we performed to derive those numbers. In other words, we will tell you precisely what conditions and circumstances we identified in your building that led us to our conclusions.


We believe that great communication is critical in earning your trust and in earning your business, so we make extensive efforts to share all gathered information with you and to involve you in every step in our evaluation and decision making process.


5. We Fully Explain The Terms Of The Conditional Agreement

At this stage, we are actually attaching limitations on the minimum electrical billing savings we will eventually deliver to you from our contracting services, and guaranteeing you these minimum savings. This estimation, conservative in nature, is designed to help you understand what we can achieve before you proceed with the in-depth facility electrical survey.


If the savings percentage in this conditional agreement is not compelling enough to trigger an investment into an eventual savings project effort, it is better that you simply not hire us to proceed. Your Enelect field representative will explain all of this prior to accepting your commitment to move forward into real site engineering and project design processes.


6. We Contract With You To Perform A Complete Project Design

If you like the savings percentage in the conditional agreement, we will execute that contract, and you will hire us to move forward with the on-site and off-site survey, then engineering a project design. Again, the savings percentage in that Agreement carries a 100% refund guarantee; if we miss this number with the project design and electrical work recommendations, we return to you all of the design fee.


7. We Perform The Needed On-Site And Off-Site Testing And Calculation

We will perform a suite of in-depth electrical testing on major loads and electrical panels; we will perform a detailed visual inspection of your entire electrical distribution system; we will interview your staff and review your historical electrical billing information to determine your facility’s usage and demand characteristics; we will gather load-by-load equipment and lighting data from your entire facility; and we will determine the effective loading and run times of your lighting and equipment loads.


8. We Prepare And Present A Project Proposal To You

All of the information gathered by our field staff will be recorded into standard forms and forwarded to the central technical staff for conversion into a project design report, or ‘proposal.’ This proposal will include a detailed report of your electrical billing costs, how those costs are created by different types of electrical loads, a report on your overall connected electrical load by type of equipment, a specific statement of the electrical work we are recommending be performed, and the financial details of hiring us to work.


9. Project Installation Completely Managed By Us

A project in your facility is a carefully designed plan of electrical system improvements and adjustments, the addition of power conditioning equipment, the repair of certain electrical loads or motors, and a precisely done round of maintenance and upgrade work with your lighting systems. All of this work together, implemented by skilled installation technicians, is the service you have purchased.


Whatever the challenges to be tackled in your facility, your Enelect project manager will guide the work through to completion with little or no disruption in your normal operations, and with little or no demands for time or involvement made on your own personnel. We are deeply experienced at this work, and regularly work around even 24/7 operating schedules, mission critical loads or building areas, high security or high risk areas, extreme sanitation or contamination regulations… whatever your requirements are within your facility will be accommodated by your installation crew.


Frankly, this sort of delicate and detailed electrical work is a true specialty. Even the most experienced electrical contractors we recruit to do this work require extensive training, support, and management to be adept at rebalancing building loads, balancing and adjusting phase-to-phase loading, performing indicated electrical system maintenance and improvements, and in properly implementing the precise measures we recommend for applying power conditioning equipment to your equipment and lighting systems.


10. We Perform Initial And Ongoing Verification Of Your Savings

Our program is built from top-to-bottom to meet your requirements for an exceptional capital project. The fundamental requirement all companies share is that the projected performance of the work must be simple to monitor and to accurately verify. From the moment your Enelect representative performs the initial walkthrough inspection of your facility, to the day your installation is completed; our entire process is designed to meet this requirement.


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