We'll Improve Your
Pre-existing System.

1. How much will a new energy system cost?

Enelect designs systems within your financial and saving constraints. A typical project may provide a payback in two-to-three years with ROIs of 30% to 50%.


2. What technologies do we use?

We design our complete systems using over 22 types of technologies. What types of technology we select depends on your facility's environment. We let your environment dictate the types of technologies we use. Enelect is a dealer and distributor of technologies that improve electrical efficiencies for equipment, air-conditioning, refrigeration, and lighting. After our engineering and design phase we will know which technologies will be optimal for your facility.


3. What industries can we help?

All types: Automotive, Aircraft, Hotel, Hospital, Large Industrial, Small Industrial, Government, Public Works, Warehouse storage, Distribution, and Commercial buildings.


Our network of affiliates have designed energy cost savings approaches for multiple industries around the world. Electricity behaves the same regardless of industry. What's important is that we understand your environment and operating conditions so we can design an approach that works best for you.


4. Can you finance this through savings?

Our approach and our belief is to make a financially attractive project that meets both your financial and energy savings goals. Paying from your savings will mean much longer paybacks and increase your costs. Financing is available to offer our customers little to no money down and a monthly positive cash position.


5. How can we guarantee you'll save money?

Measurement and verification is the most important engineering work that we conduct. If we can not prove that we are saving you money we would go out of business. We work closely with our customers to establish a measurement and verification protocol for your unique facility. Our methodology is drawn from and complies with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP). The IPMVP was established by a network of energy professional and national organizations from over 25 countries for the purpose of standardizing the methods by which energy conservation projects are measured and verified. We do not move forward with an installation project unless there is a clear understanding and agreement to our method for measurement and verification.


6. What is the effect of your technologies on equipment downtime and equipment operation?

Most of our technologies are installed in parallel so any outage will not affect your equipment operation. For technologies installed in series we have bypass switches to allow our customers to go around our technology, if needed.


7. Do the energy costs savings products and services you provide meet national and international standards?

Yes. Our network of affiliates conduct business in over 60 countries and follow and conform to all national and international standards on equipment and installation practices. The only people unhappy with our services are power companies, who see their revenues decrease through the savings realized by our customers.


8. What are the lifecycle costs for this system?

None. Our systems are passive in nature and require no additional training or maintenance to operate.


9. We have a co-generation system on site; can you still lower our energy costs?

Yes. Our technologies improve the efficiency of your distribution system and thus will allow you to use less electricity or enable you to sell more back to the power company.


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