Reducing Energy Costs
Is Just Good Business.

Enelect's Energy System

The Basics

Enelect offers a system for reducing the cost of operating the electrical equipment and systems you already own, and pay for these improvements from the money you save, instead of spending it on the electricity bill. Enelect’s system permits diverting some of the money normally sent to the electric company into a set of facility enhancements that improve operations and reliability while reducing operating costs. You are spending this money every month, anyway, whether you choose to do business with us, or not. Once the project is paid for, you enjoy all the savings.


Our system is not primarily technical at all, it is financial. We give you an option on how you spend your money, one that yields an entire list of benefits that you will never enjoy if you simply choose to keep spending that same money on your electricity bill. In addition, your gains in operating reliability and reductions in equipment maintenance and service costs created by our work would be a great investment.


Here are some of the ‘other’ savings (‘side effects’) gained from your System:

  • Motors run cooler
  • Light bulbs and ballasts run cooler
  • Transformers, panels, switchgear, breakers, starters, and controls run cooler
  • SCR’s, diodes, switching transistors, and microprocessors all run cooler
  • Switching power supplies are more stable
  • Process and production controls are more accurate and reliable
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration is more effective and reliable
  • In-house and outside maintenance and repair labor costs decrease
  • Equipment repair and maintenance parts costs decrease
  • Light bulb and ballast replacement costs decrease
  • Costs to production or process downtime are decreased
  • Computer data is more secure and safe
  • Computer operation is more reliable and stable
  • Communication systems are more reliable and clear of problems
  • PC screens flicker less
  • Lights flicker less
  • Circuit breakers trip less
  • And PLC’s and other automated controls stop malfunctioning


Again, any business manager should love to receive all of these operating improvements, especially if they could all be gained with no new cost.

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